Hospital de los marqueses de linares

Hospital de los marqueses de linares


Hospital de los marqueses de linares 2021

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In the basement of this Hospital is the Sepulchre of the Marquises of Linares, where they rest today fulfilling the will of the Marquis to be buried there with his wife, thus demonstrating his attachment to the city of Linares. The impressive sepulcher, sculpted in white marble and bronze, was made by Lorenzo Coullaut Valera. The right side of the sepulcher refers to the Institution of Charity. We see represented in it the sick people of the hospital and the old people of the asylum.

Linares at this time and before the construction of the Hospital de los Marqueses, had the old hospitals of San Juan de Dios and San Francisco. Like almost all of them at that time, they had many deficiencies and could not cope with the growing population of the city. The Junta Local de Beneficencia was in charge of the sanitary facilities and depended largely on donations, such as those offered by the Marquises of Linares. Well into the 20th century, with the new hospital in place, there were many improvements, but the differences between social classes continued.

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It was founded by testamentary disposition by José de Murga y Reolid and Raimunda de Osorio y Ortega, I Marquises of Linares and I Viscounts of Llanteno, being conceived at first as a Hospital, Asylum and Crèche for the poor. The project was commissioned to the architects Francisco de Paula Casado y Gómez and Artudo de Navascués y Ligués.

The Hospital has a crypt under the chapel where a marble and bronze mausoleum is located, the work of the sculptor Lorenzo Coullaut Valera, which houses the mortal remains of the Marquises of Linares, transferred in May 1918 from the Cemetery of the Sacramental of San Justo de Madrid. In this crypt we can find works such as that of San Raimundo de Fitero made of polychrome wood.

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953 10 01 01 [email protected]ón:  The Hospital de los Marqueses de Linares, where the right-handed Manolete died, is a superb neo-Gothic and historicist building. Today it is a museum that allows us to see in situ a hospital specialized in diseases typical of the mining trade, as well as the link between health and religion. In addition, you can admire the dedication to the city of Linares of the Marquises themselves, whose mortal remains rest in the mausoleum of the impressive Crypt, the work of the great sculptor Lorenzo Coullaut Valera.