Veronica echegui paquita salas

Veronica echegui paquita salas


El faro | entrevista a yolanda ramos | 21/09/2021

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Trailer de paquita salas season 3 oficial en español hd

Many of them are taken from the professional experience of ‘los Javis’, who chose the diminutive of Calvo’s first name (his name is Francisco Javier) and the surname of his yaya, Salas, to baptize the protagonist. Lidia San José suffered the same fate as Ambrossi when he was filming ‘Imperium’ for Antena 3, and he also left his first agent by e-mail, as his sister, Macarena García, did with Paquita at the beginning of the series. «And I’m sure he didn’t get ‘spammed’, as in the series, because he called me instantly,» he jokes.

Making of

The voice of the cult is the new strategy of Netflix to promote Paquita Salas. The film will be part of the plot of this second season in which we will be able to see the singer and contestant of Operación Triunfo 2017 Roi Méndez.

The feature film will be the second part of the trilogy and will have Mariona Terés, Verónica Echegui and Roi Méndez as leading actresses. The triunfito, who won a role in the series in a game proposed by Los Javis in the academy, will play himself, but in the film he will play Juantxo.

Mariona Terés, one of PS Management’s 360, and Verónica Echegui, who plays Edurne Bengoetxea, will be in charge of solving the murders alongside Roi. They will have to escape from the spiral of satanic rituals and perverse rites to which the deaths will lead them in this production by Fernando Colomo.

From June 29th we will be able to enjoy all the actors of the series along with other new faces, such as Yolanda Ramos, Paz Vega, Kira Miró, Ana Milán, Belinda Washington, Pepa Charro, Ignatius or the singer Alfred García.

Paquita salas: verónica echegui and what it’s like to crap on

The script, however, has too many on-camera interviews with the characters, all of them aimed at deciphering Justo Gil’s indecipherable personality. The resource, which becomes monotonous to the point of provoking dramatic stuttering, results in unnecessary explanations, since Gil’s magnetism stems from his unknown character: nothing is contributed by these confessions that is not observed throughout the plot.

LIFANTE: -In effect (…), Contreras, my boss at the time, was ideologized, he had fought in the war, he had won it, he had belonged to the Social Political Brigade, partly because under Franco’s regime it was mandatory to pass that test if you wanted to make a career in the General Corps. That’s why the chemistry between you and Contreras didn’t work well.

In the face of that Holy and Immaculate Transition, welcome are the historicized and ideologized fictions (the shot in the head is taken by whoever takes it) in a permanent battle against an always self-serving forgetfulness.