Tu cara me suena maluma

Tu cara me suena maluma


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Antena 3 broadcasts tonight, at 22:10 hours, the second gala of ‘Tu cara me suena’. In this installment, Carlos Baute is in charge of opening the gala and will raise the temperature as Maluma. Brays Efe will imitate the winner of Eurovision 2018, Netta. Anabel Alonso changes register by embodying the coach of ‘La Voz’, Paulina Rubio. Soraya Arnelas, winner of the first gala, will sing as Dolly Parton. On the other hand, José Corbacho will perform a Sex Pistols song.

Jordi Coll’s new mission is to be Luis Miguel. Manu Sánchez will be El Kanka. María Villalón will be Adele and Mimi will close the gala as Thalia. In addition, the program will feature a special performance by actress Belinda Washington as Louis Armstrong.

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Maluma spent part of his confinement showing his funniest face through social networks. The reggaetonero surprised his audience by showing the mannequin he had at home and with whom he had chats that provoked laughter from his fans.

The Colombian has wanted to keep in touch with his followers despite not being able to organize concerts as he would like, and the networks have been his best tool. However, Maluma is also taking advantage of this time off to live a normal life, something that due to his work commitments is not usually possible.

Proof of this can be seen in what just happened in Medellin, an event that has gone viral in just a few hours. A traffic officer stopped a black Ferrari 488 GTB at a checkpoint without knowing that it was being driven by Maluma himself.

It is not known if the vehicle was stopped for committing an infraction or simply for routine. The fact is that the agent was shocked and could not help but record a video that she posted on the Internet and in which she said the following: «Checkpoint, the cake that I found».

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As much tough guy attitude as you can assign to him, there is someone who completely softens the artist’s heart, and that is his mother. Maluma posted a picture on his social networks kissing the person who brought him into the world, a snapshot that has generated equal parts criticism and praise from his followers.

Maluma is triumphing with a tour that is taking him across much of Europe. Recently we had him in our country, where he gave his best with his followers. His success reaches Italy, where after triumphing in Naples and Milan, his expectations of fulfilling the same purpose in Rome have been truncated.

BREAKING NEWS ‼️ Due to issues beyond my team’s and my control, the concert in Rome – Italy is cancelled. I deeply regret not being able to sing for you but first is your safety. I love you and I promise to see you very soon!

The concert in the Italian capital has been cancelled due to «security issues» beyond the singer’s control. Apparently more tickets were sold than allowed and the Italian authorities have decided not to hold it since the limited capacity and the large number of people could pose a danger.

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Toronto, ON – 27 de septiembre de 2019 – Después de mucha anticipación, las superestrellas globales de Medellín, Colombia, Maluma y J Balvin, han unido fuerzas para lanzar su primera canción original juntos, Que Pena. Haz streaming/descarga la canción aquí y mira el video aquí.

Producido por Edgar Barrera «Edge», Sky Rompiendo y DeeMad y escrito por Maluma, J Balvin, Edgar Barrera, Alejandro Ramirez y Wissem Larfaoui, Que Pena es un contagioso tema de reggaetón a medio tiempo divertido y sexy que pronto tendrá a todos cantando, «Ey Que Pena, tu nombre no, pero tu cara me suena. . .».

El vídeo musical oficial fue rodado en la ciudad de Nueva York por el director, Colin Tiley, y comienza con bastante sentido del humor, ya que cada artista imita la forma en que el otro se expresa en las redes sociales. El vídeo, que destaca el estilo de moda individual de cada artista, es muy divertido, ya que los ídolos de la música urbana se reúnen para pasar una noche en la ciudad, saliendo con dos chicas que pueden o no haber conocido antes.

Los artistas multiplatino, Maluma y J Balvin, están en la cima de sus fenomenales carreras y, aunque los medios de comunicación y los fans los han presentado a menudo como competidores, este nuevo single demuestra que son colaboradores naturales.