Todo a salido a pedir de milhouse

Todo a salido a pedir de milhouse


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Lisa has always been reluctant to eat meat, but it is in this episode of the seventh season of the series that she decides to become a vegetarian and never eat meat again. Lisa has to face many people in Springfield because no one understands her, not even her own family, who tries to dissuade her by assuring her that you can’t live without eating meat, and singing the catchy tune: «You can’t conquer anything with a salad».

Ralph has always felt devotion for Lisa, and it is in the fourth season of ‘The Simpsons’, when, on Valentine’s Day, the students of the school send each other little messages and cards, but the adorable Wiggum’s mailbox is empty. Lisa then feels sorry for him and draws him a little train with the letters «You are very chu chu chuli». Enough for Ralph to read it and fall in love instantly (as well as repeat the message later).

To finish this article, it was unthinkable not to include the mythical phrase of our Ralph Wiggum that identifies him and characterizes him in all his aspects. In the thirteenth season, when the students are drawing their favorite superheroes like «dangerous cat» or «trouble dog», Ralph shouts excitedly: «My name is Ralph» and scribbles on his face. A great superhero.

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Steven Dean Moore directed the episode, while Al Jean was in charge of the script, his first after returning to the show’s writing staff. The storyline was conceived by Jean himself, who was inspired by a 60 Minutes news story about found artists. The episode features contemporary artist Jasper Johns – played by himself – and Italian actress Isabella Rossellini in the role of Astrid Weller. Numerous references to renowned artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Henri Rousseau also appear. In its first airing, approximately 8.5 million people watched the episode, resulting in a 23rd place finish in the Nielsen ratings for the premiere week. Following the home format release of The Simpsons – The Complete Tenth Season, «Mom and Pop Art» received mixed reviews from critics.

Now officially a fringe artist, Homer uses his rage to further his work and befriends stereotypically pretentious artists, such as Jasper Johns. Meanwhile, Marge feels jealous of her husband because of his ease in achieving so much success in the art world, even though she had tried so hard several times without good results. Some time later, Homer receives a notification from Weller that his work will appear in the Art in America exhibition, but his new crafts are rejected by the citizens of Springfield and his new artist friends.

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Six months later, the first 19 seasons of The Simpsons will recover their original ratio (4:3) on Disney Plus. The change will be effective on May 28 and, with it, the American company will put an end to one of the main criticisms that its streaming platform has suffered since its launch.

The Simpsons episodes produced between 1989 and 2009 were conceived under the 4:3 format, which was the most common among televisions at the time. However, this format fell into disuse with the arrival of HD televisions, which popularized the 16:9 format we currently use.

With a view to the commercial launch of Disney Plus -which has The Simpsons as one of its main attractions-, the American company edited the ratio of all the old episodes (produced in 4:3). In this way, customers could enjoy all the episodes of the series on 16:9 screens without the usual black stripes on the sides.

The problem is that, by changing the ratio of the episodes, Disney took with it certain important details. One of the clearest examples is found in the Duffless episode of the fourth season. In the original version, you can see how Duff’s three kegs actually contain the same beer. Meanwhile, in the version adapted for Disney Plus, this clever nuance is left out of the scene.

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Are you one of those who cry because you wish you were as tall as the moon? One of those who shouted ‘Buarns’? Yes? Then you know what Springfield Spring is, but what about the second part? That is, the ‘field’: all those shots so cinematic, loaded with meaning, abstraction and tremendously beautiful in their compositions that nobody talks about when talking about The Simpsons. Well, they already have their own Instagram account and, monkey, it’s perfect.

Scenic Simpsons is an account on this social network that has gone viral for giving voice to those moments of Matt Groening’s series: scenes and camera shots that contain a lot of animation work behind, details that are usually overlooked when Homer, Lisa or Dr. Nick Riviera say some genius.

«All the posts come from the first to the tenth installment, what nerds recognize as the Golden Age of The Simpsons,» picked up the It’s Nice That portal in the words of those keeping score. «After that, they changed the animation and style and basically it doesn’t have the same quality or color anymore,» they added.