The national the system only dreams in total darkness

The national the system only dreams in total darkness


josé luis perales «a sailboat called freedom».

This program was born with the goal of «making the 2017 total solar eclipse exciting and engaging for everyone, including BLV people,» said Henry Winter, co-founder of ARISA Lab along with MaryKay Severino. The project was inspired by citizen science initiatives from 1935, which posited that animal behavior can change during a total solar eclipse; a friend of Winter’s from a citizen science group told him that at the moment of total darkness, when the moon completely hid the sun, a chorus of crickets began to sing. As soon as the light returned, the crickets fell silent. The professor then became aware that eclipses affect ecosystems in different ways and that these are amenable to research beyond the visual.

All participants in the ES:CSP citizen science project are proud to work together with NASA to make science and space accessible to all. They say the ultimate goal of the project is not only to provide a fun and educational experience around the exciting natural phenomenon of an eclipse, but also to develop an inclusive framework to improve accessibility and participation in science, technology and mathematics fields.

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«For a sighted person it is difficult to understand all that this operation entails. But for a person who does not see, it is a great deal, since he recovers his autonomy and, therefore, significantly improves his quality of life», emphasizes Jeroni Nadal, coordinator of the Vitreoretinal Unit of the Clínica Barraquer.

This artificial vision system, whose device is called Argus II, works independently of the eye, with a camera that captures the image which, in turn, is processed by a computer. «Through an electrostimulator, the image is placed directly on the retina, passing over the diseased part and directly stimulating the optic nerve, so that the patient can see the vision generated by the computer,» explains the surgeon.

Nadal also explains that vision is not a process that is established mechanically, but a very complex transmission at the neuronal level, which requires interpretation and prior knowledge. «In this artificial vision system, everything is designed so that the brain receives a nerve impulse and recognizes something similar to vision. Therefore, it is necessary for the person to have sufficient intellectual and adaptive capacity for the operation to be successful,» he stresses.

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Next, at 7:30 p.m., the period film YANG GUIFEI, LADY OF THE DYNASTY (Cheng Shiqing, 2015) will be screened. The story is set in the 8th century and stars Yang Yuhuan, a woman of incomparable beauty who becomes the favorite consort of Emperor Xuanzong, in a story of intrigue, betrayal and legendary situations.

Finally, on Tuesday 24 will be screened at 5:30 p.m. POLICE ACTION (Ding Sheng, 2013), an intense police drama about the conflict between a police captain and his daughter, engaged to a dark and dangerous character. The final show will be in charge of the catastrophe film THE INTENSE SMOKE (Derek Kwok, 2014), in which a disastrous fire plunges Hong Kong into darkness. The Senior Firefighter will take control of the situation, but the smoke is becoming more threatening and lethal than the fire.

mägo de oz – bandera negra (lyric video oficial)

IN A meeting in Reynosa, the orange state leader, Juan Carlos Zertuche, said that with Diez they are going to paint the state in the same phosphorescent tone that brought Samuel García to power in Nuevo León. Could it be?

IN THE STYLE of the old PRI regime, the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador likes to be a lantern in the street… and darkness in his house, since diplomatic rhetoric just doesn’t match national politics.

IT’S A THING TO SEE the marometas that Esteban Moctezuma and Juan Ramón de la Fuente are doing. In the case of the representative to the UN, it does not sound very logical for him to say that he will promote the agenda in favor of women in the Security Council, when his boss, the President, says that feminism is an invention… of neoliberalism!

And as far as the ambassador in Washington is concerned, he is leading a protest against the subsidies to electric vehicles manufactured in the United States, as they are discriminatory against cars manufactured in Mexico.

JUST to be congruent, with what face does Moctezuma respond to his business partners when they ask him about the electricity counter-reform that intends to cancel all existing private sector energy contracts in Mexico without any compensation whatsoever?