Sidonie el fluido garcia

Sidonie el fluido garcia


Sidonie -el fluido garcía- los conciertos de radio3

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Sidonie sounds rough, hard and psychedelic in «el fluido garcía».

«El aullido» shines with its own light, luminous epic that rises gently to ethereal places, and «Bajo un cielo azul (de papel celofán)» deserves a treatment on the sidelines. A really brilliant cut that is undoubtedly among the best compositions that the band from Barcelona has given us. An a capella intro prepares us for the melodic classicism, for the perfect vocal games that refer to CRAG and Crosby, Stills & Nash, for the redemption. Also noteworthy is «Perros», a sixtie psychedelic pop anthem… «and bark and bark and bark and bark, we’re dogs, can you hear us bark?»

Sidonie end of tour el fluido garcia la riviera 15/12/2012 hd

Returning to Barcelona, Sidonie was already aware that their next album was going to be sung in Spanish, that it had to sound more testosteronic and forceful than ever, that it had to be recorded live, to exalt the connection that exists between the trio when they play together, and that it would vindicate the English psychedelia of the 1966-68 period, the Carnaby Street aesthetics of Swinging London (street turned into a showcase of franchises), the melodies and vocal harmonies built on avant-garde art scenes and the fact that they have always done what they have felt.

A few days later, they locked themselves among instruments and sound gadgets in their attic in Poble Nou. The three of them alone, reinforcing precisely that which lives only among them, began to manufacture daily and in an absolutely cryptic and mysterious state, «the most courageous and personal album of their career, the sound of which could only have been manufactured today, thanks to all that Sidonie has learned throughout the composition and touring of their previous works».

Sidonie talking about el fluido garcía with virginia díaz ii

The guys from Sidonie are immersed in the recording of a new album that will be released around October as the continuation of «El Incendio» (2009) and that has been made in the Music Lan studios in Avinyonet de Figueres.

The first single, «El bosque», will be available from the first week of September. The album takes its title from the novel «El Anacronópete», a science fiction story about a time machine.

The Barcelona trio has kept this whole process a secret and we believe that this, and a recent presentation at a festival under a different name, has something to do with it. What surprise are they preparing for us? Are they already El Fluido Garcia?