Music to watch boys to

Music to watch boys to


Lullabies for babies

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Family, community and school are essential at this stage of accelerated growth that requires the right conditions to achieve better development for learning, play and discovery, as well as to stimulate motor skills and creativity. This stage is also fundamental for learning social norms and acquiring values such as solidarity and a sense of justice.

In several countries, progress has been made in reconstructing the history of childhood. For example, the publication of «The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth» has meant the promotion of academic research in this field. In the United States, the work of James Marten, Paula Fass and Kriste Lindenmeyer[13], among other historians, has stood out. In Latin America there have been interesting proposals by Susana Sosenski, Bianca Premo, Nara Milanich and Jorge Rojas Flores.

Baby music

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Sailor’s dance

Women are objectified. We criticize Barbie, but let’s not even talk about the women who star in reggaeton videos. They are sculptural women, with perfect bodies generous of hips and front, with everything very well put to satisfy the needs of men as sexual objects.

Some examples: «Come, give me in bed, My horniness, For your body to satiate you, Don’t feel alone, Don’t be afraid, I want to punish you», «Daddy, give me what I want», «Treacherous cat, you will be my prisoner, I’ll catch you wherever I want, and however I want».

On the other hand, a study that has investigated the direct relationship between musical tastes and the intelligence of teenagers taking college entrance exams, came to the conclusion that reggaeton fans have a lower IQ than the rest.


My name is Alberto Soler Sarrió. I am married, father of three children and I am a psychologist in Valencia. After graduating in Psychology from the University of Valencia, I later expanded my training in the clinical area by doing a Master in Clinical and Health Psychology and in 2013 I obtained the Europsy certificate of Specialist in Psychotherapy. In 2015 I started the videoblog Píldoras de Psicología, in which every week I deal with a different topic related to personal growth and parenting.