Morancos chalet pablo iglesias

Morancos chalet pablo iglesias


Mayors – becky g, bad bunny | los morancos (parody)

in which 68.42 percent of the voters endorsed the couple. This scenario has been taken advantage of by the humorous couple formed by César and Jorge Cadaval, Los Morancos, who have once again surprised with a humorous video. The new «hit» of Los Morancos, to the rhythm of Becky G’s hit song «A mí me gustan mayores», is moving like wildfire through mobile terminals and social networks. Once again, this humorous couple has managed to turn the news of the week into a new parody called «Mayores» (Older).

Los morancos imitate pedro sánchez and pablo iglesias.

«A mí me gustan mayores», said the song of the summer in 2017.  What its author, Becky G, did not know is that the refrain was also going to fit in the famous villa of Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero a few months later.

The 600,000 euros that the leaders of Podemos will spend on their new home have aroused endless criticism that now Los Morancos have transformed into a parody. To the rhythm of ‘Mayores’, César and Jorge Cadaval narrate the failed attempt of a real estate agent to take them to a «little flat in a working class neighborhood» and its consequences:

In the video, Los Morancos tell the story of a real estate agent who knows his clients perfectly. When Pablo Iglesias and Irene Montero walk in the door, he offers them a «little flat in a working class neighborhood» because he is «the one from Podemos».

Las cosas del poder | los morancos (parody)

In the midst of the era of El Rubius or the rants of Dalas and Wismichu, it might seem surprising that something as nineties as Los Morancos have managed to find a place in a platform as modern as YouTube. But they have. The brothers César and Jorge Cadaval have been able to convert themselves from television animals to internet animals and with their 370,000 subscribers it is not unusual to see some of their videos among the trends of the moment.

Los Morancos did not want to miss the opportunity to make blood with one of the songs of the moment, and for this they have pulled the rhythm of Becky G and her song Mayores. And the chorus of the song – «a mi me gustan mayores»- must be very similar to what the leader and the leader of Podemos must have said when they saw the little apartments that were available in Vallecas -where Iglesias once said he wanted to continue living-.

Los tan panchos / los morancos (parody)

Los Morancos have done it again. Jorge and César Cadaval star in a funny parody of the purchase of the chalet valued at 600,000 euros by Pablo Iglesias, secretary general of Podemos, and Irene Montero, spokeswoman in the Congress of Deputies. [The day Pablo Iglesias criticized politicians who «isolate themselves in chalets» in AR].

The Andalusians have released a video on You Tube, which has accumulated more than 200,000 reproductions in 24 hours, and in which they parody the song Mayores, by Becky G. «My name is Arturo. I sell apartments and ‘chaleres’. Just by looking at the clients I know what they want», sings César, who plays the role of a real estate agent.