Miriam rodríguez cicatrices canciones

Miriam rodríguez cicatrices canciones


miriam rodríguez, pablo lópez – no!

In fact, if something happens with ‘Cicatrices’ is that it ends up surprising, but not especially for the better, and not especially because of Miriam Rodríguez. And the first single, ‘No!’, with Pablo Lopez, gives absolutely no clue of the material that surrounds it, which ends up being totally confusing when one had already made the idea of the intense Miriam and the piano in the head.

In addition to her, the names of Andres Suarez, Conchita, Funambulista, Vega or Georgina appear throughout the work, but they do so in a coherent wrapper, which has as its leader the main interpreter of the album, who rarely gives up total control of the album, something that has achieved that, throughout thirteen thirteen songs, barely squeaks a couple.

The album gets lost, unfortunately, in the production process. The feeling is that a few decent songs have arrived in the studio, but Sebastian Krys, at the controls of the project, has not really known what to do with them.

And beware, the criticism is more directional than technical, because it is true that the album sounds crystalline, it is not at all sloppy and you can feel a certain care, but with the impression that the songs go on one side, and the production on the other.

miriam rodríguez – hay algo en mí

A scar is not good or bad, it simply helps you remember things that happened to you along the way. I needed a word that encompasses everything that I was telling with the songs that, in the end, are things that have happened to me throughout my life beyond my participation in Operación Triunfo, which obviously produced a 180-degree change in my life.

With a lot of anxiety because it is a somewhat chaotic scenario. Going from being in a stadium singing with 15 people around you to, hours later, thinking about composing your own album in your room is a pretty drastic change. I went everywhere with my notebook, I couldn’t relax. There wasn’t a trip where I didn’t find time for myself. I tried to compose every day even if some things remained in simple notes.

I never imagined doing exactly this, honestly. It’s also true that I didn’t aim for a concerto musical style either. On the album I play many styles and I allow myself to go out of my comfort zone to investigate other terrains. Many people thought that everything would be along the lines of the Conmigo Enough song, and there are songs with a different vibe. Being able to work with other authors and learn other work methodologies was very useful for me. It is necessary to accept that, in the end, the important thing is to be yourself, to be faithful and believe in what you do, regardless of the style you do. Then there is also the personality you give to things, which is what makes the difference with the rest of the people.

melendi, miriam rodríguez – simplemente dilo

We all met Miriam Rodríguez after her time in Operación Triunfo in 2017, in which we should remember that she reached the final gala and came in third place. Thanks to her stay in the Academy we were able to get to know her a little better: we saw her in the middle of her songwriting phase, we saw her dance, get excited, act and, obviously, sing. The nickname of «the lioness» is for two reasons: for her incredible curly hair and for the tremendous strength she transmitted in performances such as What About Us or I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

The second single was a collaboration that surprised us all enormously. Miriam and Pablo López joined their voices in No!, a totally heartbreaking song that they created together «on a Thursday afternoon at Pablo’s house with his piano in a spontaneous way», as the Galician singer said. In this way, they show us that the best things are never planned.

Miriam decided to release the physical format of her second album La Dirección De Tu Suerte in April in the middle of the pandemic, while we all saw that other artists decided to postpone the release dates of their works. A gesture of commitment and generosity for which we will always be grateful.

miriam rodríguez – cicatrices (cd)

A couple of months ago the soloist from Oviedo kicked off his new musical stage by unveiling the first preview of Likes y cicatrices. La boca junta, his collaboration with Mau y Ricky, was the first advance we knew and shortly after we had the opportunity to hear and see the song and the video that gives name to his new musical project.

For the third consecutive month, at the beginning of this October, Melendi presents his new song in which he has collaborated with Miriam Rodríguez: «This Thursday you can listen to Simplemente dilo con @miriamrmusic_, third advance of the album Likes y Cicatrices. Already available the trailer on platforms with the presave of the song!!!!! (Link in bio)» wrote the Asturian.

Be that as it may, everything points to the fact that Likes y Cicatrices will be full of surprises and, judging by the enthusiasm of both artists, a very exciting project for the music scene in our country. All this after a 2020 and part of a 2021 that frustrated many of his plans and from which he took revenge this summer with his return to the stage to present his usual hits and many of the songs from his album 10:20:40.