Mario vaquerizo es gay

Mario vaquerizo es gay


Mario vaquerizo and alaska

Inevitably this question takes me back to when people say to me «Are you a lesbian? Well, you don’t look like one. You don’t look like one» or the more direct to the jugular «Are you sure you’re a lesbian? Because you are too feminine».

And that is the reason why the stigma that all lesbians are masculine continues to exist: First, because women are assimilated as heterosexuals even if everything proves otherwise: If you go with your girlfriend hand in hand, you are probably close friends, (in the case that neither of you is shaved or has a masculine attitude, of course). If you directly make out with your girlfriend in a bar, there is always someone who feels free, and even invited, to participate. «They must be bisexual, they are too feminine» thinks the drunkard on duty.

The same thing happens to bisexuals. If a girl is bisexual with a masculine appearance, «surely deep down she’s a lesbian». If she is very feminine bisexual, «she’s sure to end up with a man». If she is bisexual and masculine, «it will be a punctual and fleeting tendency», and if she is «mannered», «she is gayer than anyone else, nobody believes that she is bisexual».


Is your work then a plea against political correctness? This book is not intended to be vindictive. It is still a commission. A debt I owed to the publisher. But I am against the tyranny, censorship and dictatorship that we people of the 21st century are living through. That is to say, against political correctness.

What is your opinion about prostitution then? Coercion and humiliation is one thing. That’s called white slavery, and that’s what we have to fight against. But there are prostitutes who have freely chosen this profession because they like it. And only by getting to know them do you realize it exists. I have friends who dedicate themselves to it because they like sex and are more uninhibited. Or simply for money and it’s a job they don’t find hard to do. I am allergic to prejudiced people and I feel sorry for them.

What needs to be done to put an end to gender violence? What is missing in society? Gender violence, both by men and women, because there is violence on all sides, is going to continue like this. And we are not going to change it no matter how much education they give us. It offends me that things are still happening today. What I would do is to toughen the judicial penalties for those people who commit the crime. What is that about allegedly? He said it himself. That he has shot his wife and killed her. And then he went to kill himself and didn’t succeed. You should have died, you son of a bitch. It’s the same thing that happens with AIDS…

Mario vaquerizoscantante español

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Alaska y Mario es un reality show español basado en el día a día de Alaska y su marido Mario Vaquerizo. Está producido por El Terrat para Viacom desde 2011. Las cuatro primeras temporadas se emitieron en MTV España y la quinta en Paramount Network España[1] El programa también se ha emitido en los canales locales de MTV en español de toda Latinoamérica.

Alaska y Mario Vaquerizo mantienen una relación seria desde hace 10 años y viven juntos en Madrid, en una calle cercana a la Gran Vía. Aunque se casaron en 1999 en una capilla de Las Vegas, su matrimonio no fue válido en España[2].

Doce años después, la pareja acordó producir una serie de reality show para MTV España que mostraría los preparativos de su segunda boda en Madrid. Durante un mes se grabó el día a día de la pareja, incluyendo sus compromisos laborales y su relación con familiares y amigos. La pareja celebró dos ceremonias: una civil, seguida de un banquete familiar para sus allegados, y otra para los amigos en la azotea del Hotel Emperador, en la Gran Vía. La ceremonia civil se celebró el viernes 27 de mayo de 2011. La segunda temporada presentó su luna de miel en Estados Unidos, donde estuvieron acompañados por amigos. La tercera temporada se centró en los preparativos de la fiesta del 50 cumpleaños de Alaska.

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This multifaceted artist became the first guest of the talk show after the Easter break and inaugurating an atypical week, since the debate in Atresmedia between the main candidates to the Presidency of the Government will make Pablo Motos (53) and his team take a break this Tuesday, April 23.

After that conversation in relation to the book, Motos returned to the more intimate side of Alaska’s husband, with a very clear question: how many things he had been operated on. «The first thing was the tummy, a liposuction, but while I was there I removed the double chin and the billiard balls. My mother didn’t know. Then I had cheekbone surgery, I’m all for advancement, and surgery is. I also had surgery on the bags under my eyes. You have to put yourself in the hands of the best,» she acknowledged.