Marina jade drinking like im sober

Marina jade drinking like im sober


marina jade ‘drinking like i’m sober’ | ot hasta pronto

As godmother in this new solo project, Marina has had one of the best female voices of our country: nothing more and nothing less than Ruth Lorenzo. The Murcian has helped to compose her debut song. The result? A one hundred percent pop song where the artist’s voice shines through without a problem.

It came about because I wanted to do a song with Ruth (Lorenzo). I proposed it to her and she said yes. For a month we were sending songs to each other and we came up with one that we said «this is it, no doubt». She told me to write the lyrics, because if I wrote them for her, she wouldn’t be able to express what I felt. It came out on its own and in two days it was ready.

To be honest, I think she contacted me to give me sweatshirts and T-shirts from her clothing brand. And, of course, I was delighted. After that I proposed her the idea of the single and we exchanged phone numbers. Now we talk every week on the phone.

Yes, I’m composing and I have a lot of projects in mind that I hope will come out. I’d like to do an EP, because it’s something quite underrated. I think it’s really cool to pick six songs that are completely me. There’s not one that’s just filler.

«drinking like im sober» by marina jade

Directed by Joaquín Reixa, the initial idea of the video was originated in a creative process in which the voice and opinion of the artist herself was always taken into account. In this way, the conclusion was reached that the song needed a video clip that would transmit the message of the song at all times and that would capture the viewer’s attention thanks to a powerful visual charge and a strategic use of colors.

With the approval of the record label, Universal Music, the music video was released on September 20, 2018, quickly reaching one million plays on YouTube and, more importantly, to the satisfaction of the artist herself, Marina Jade, and her entire team.

marina jade – drinking like i’m sober

She also plays the piano and ukulele. She applied to the castings of «OT 2017» and, after passing the different phases, she finally reached «Gala 0», where she sang «Girlo On Fire» by Alicia Keys, which was enough for her to enter the academy. Among her musical influences and favorite artists are Andrés Suárez, Adele, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera.

During her participation in the program she was reproached and admitted her lack of self-esteem and confidence on stage. Among the songs Marina performed in the program we can see: «Don’t Dream It’s Over», from «Crowded House»; «Sentir», by Luz Casal; or «Dancing In The Moonlight», from «Toploader».

drinking like i’m sober – this is how it was recorded

The song has Ruth Lorenzo as co-writer and Chris Wale as producer, who has done it for Ruth herself, Paula Rojo, Mario Jefferson or the song that Xuso Jones tried to take to Eurovision (Victorius). In this life, besides having talent, you have to know who to surround yourself with. In this case, it seems that the union of constellations to create the most coherent song released by the new generation of OT.

Farewell to the firecracker, to the simple song, to a song with a lack of personality where the voice is lost through distortion, to albums released almost on the sly to get rid of contestants or others whose videos are excessively reminiscent of others. Marina is intense in the song… but even more so in the video.