Julia roberts come reza ama

Julia roberts come reza ama


En la naturaleza

Come, reza, ama es una película biográfica estadounidense de 2010 protagonizada por Julia Roberts en el papel de Elizabeth Gilbert, basada en las memorias de 2006 de Gilbert del mismo nombre. Ryan Murphy coescribió y dirigió la película, que se estrenó en Estados Unidos el 13 de agosto de 2010. Recibió críticas negativas, pero fue un éxito financiero, recaudando 204,6 millones de dólares en todo el mundo con un presupuesto de 60 millones.

Elizabeth Gilbert tenía todo lo que se supone que una mujer moderna sueña con tener -un marido, una casa, una carrera de éxito- pero, como tantas otras, se encontró perdida, confundida y buscando lo que realmente quería en la vida. Recién divorciada y en una encrucijada, Gilbert sale de su zona de confort y lo arriesga todo para cambiar su vida, embarcándose en un viaje alrededor del mundo que se convierte en una búsqueda de autodescubrimiento. En sus viajes, descubre el verdadero placer de alimentarse comiendo en Italia, el poder de la oración en la India y, por último e inesperadamente, la paz interior y el equilibrio del verdadero amor en Indonesia.

Under the tuscan sun

When Plan B Entertainment, Brad Pitt’s production company, acquired the rights to Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, it was clear that the film would star Julia Roberts. The problem was in the direction. The actress wanted Garry Marshall, her friend and director of ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Girlfriend on the Run’, to be in charge of the film, but Marshall refused because he was not willing to shoot outside the United States, since ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ was actually filmed in the places that appear in the book. This allowed Ryan Murphy to get the director’s job. On the other hand, despite Marshall’s refusal, he offered Roberts a role in the film he was working on, ‘Valentine’s Day Stories’, something the actress gladly accepted.

Because ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ was to be shot in Italy, India and Indonesia, to give the film more authenticity, this caused the film crew to make a real trip around the world. Therefore, Julia Roberts imposed a condition for filming her scenes on the Indonesian island of Bali: that she could travel with her family. With so much time away from home, it was reasonable for the actress to want to have her children and husband close by, especially if shooting on the other side of the world.

Mystic pizza

Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts during the presentation of «Eat, Pray, Love» – AFP «This film has changed us «Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem are in a very friendly mood in New York as they present their new film, «Eat, Pray, Love» SAN FRANCISCO

Send news by e-mailYour name *Your e-mail *Your e-mail *Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts have presented in New York the expected comedy «Eat Pray Love» (Eat Pray Love), which opens this Friday in U.S. theaters. The «

Part of the «challenge» for the tall, thin Roberts was gaining weight, as she only gained about 15 pounds. In Rome, she had to devour eight slices of pizza in an hour for one scene. On another occasion, she had to eat six plates of pasta, enjoying every bite.Watch the

The tourist

Released in 2010, the film starring Julia Robertes «Eat, pray, love» was filmed in the most beautiful natural settings in India (Delhi and Agra), Italy (Rome and Naples) and Indonesia (Bali).

Directed by Ryan Murphy, the fim is based on the book of the same name by Elizabeth Gilbert. It tells the story of a woman who, having everything, a husband, a house and a successful career, decides to leave it all behind to find herself again and find out what she really wants for her life.