Jonas brothers el hormiguero

Jonas brothers el hormiguero


Entrevista a los jonas brothers

«Odio tener que atribuirme el mérito de ser el que inició la conversación sobre la ruptura de la banda, pero la historia de redención es que yo también conseguí que la banda volviera a reunirse en cierto modo». compartió Nick con la revista. «Estaba empezando a anhelar esa magia y estar en el escenario con ellos de nuevo, así que inicié la conversación».

Continúa: «Al principio creo que fue recibido con un poco de aprehensión, pero luego, con el tiempo, una vez que decidimos todos juntos empezar a trabajar en este documental, creo que fuimos capaces de entrar en él y hablar de algunas de las cosas que realmente no hablaríamos antes.»

Jonas brothers’ «extreme game» with pablo motos

The group formed by the three brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas, broke up in 2019 after achieving international success, and now they are back with hits like ‘Sucker’, within their new album Happiness Begins, which comes out on June 7 along with a documentary about their life that will be released on Amazon’s video platform. «Thank you all for waiting,» is how Nick began the night on El Hormiguero, thanking his fans, who packed the stands of the set, in an emotional message to his millions of followers around the world:

Then the night continued as it usually does on El Hormiguero: with laughter. Pablo Motos didn’t hesitate to try to get the brothers to «get itchy», challenging them to a game in which they had to confess the virtues and flaws of their brothers, but the presenter «got it right», because the brothers showed that they are back stronger and more cohesive than ever. What do they love and hate about them? Don’t miss the answers!

Now we finally have them back with a new album Happiness Begins, to be released on July 7th, as well as a documentary on Amazon, and we’ve already been able to listen to great songs like ‘Sucker’. What a comeback for the brothers! ASKS FORGIVENESS FOR JDTPablo Motos, as a good fan of Game of Thrones, could not pass up the opportunity to ask Joe Jonas, recent husband of Sansa Stark (actress Sophie Turner) about his life now that he has finished what is probably the most followed series in history, at least in real time. [SPOILER ALERT] «I guess these weeks have been busy for her,» asked Motos, to which Joe answered in the affirmative «because she’s got a movie coming out soon and she’s been busy». Then Pablo complained about spoilers on social networks, to which Joe himself had to inton the mea culpa: «I released a lot of spoilers to people because I posted on Instagram a photo congratulating Sophie’s character… And I won’t say more in case someone hasn’t seen it yet». But he acknowledged that «the first comment was ‘Joe Jonas is the one who gave me a spoiler and ruined the series finale for me,’ so I’m sorry,» he said.TRICKS AND MUCH MOREThere was also time to put the siblings through one or another test. From magnetic dominoes…

Jandro becomes the fourth member of the jonas brothers

The Jonas Brothers are back with the best of smiles and confess the reasons why they decided to separate as a group, although they have never renounced their complicity as brothers. «The first to make the decision to get back together was Nick and Joe was the most hesitant,» Kevin confessed to Pablo Motos, who asked about the reasons why they decided to ‘break up’ and regain the group. «The first thing was the family, then the group and then our own happiness», has recognized Joe talking about how their breakup was. The most important thing is the happiness with which they are coming back, they are grateful for the wait to «the best fans we can have» and for sure there will be Jonas Brothers for a while.

We unveil the secrets of the jonas brothers with trancas and

The filming of the documentary about their lives, which will premiere next June 4 on HBO, brought the brothers together and mended their differences. «Through that process we spent a lot of time together and it allowed us to get back together,» they said. Nick was the one who brought up recording a new album, with Joe having the hardest time agreeing to it. «He wasn’t convinced at first,» Kevin recalled. As a preview, the youngsters revealed that in one of the scenes of the documentary they appear doing group therapy and drinking: «We released all those things we had been holding inside for so long… But look, here we are».

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