Izal agujeros de gusano canciones

Izal agujeros de gusano canciones


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You already know that with Izal we have been going little by little. First we attended a very intense concert in the festivities of Móstoles in September 2014 and then we saw the group in their great moment to date in that aforementioned date at the Palacio de los Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid. Mikel, it should also be remembered, we saw him collaborating in a special concert of Kuve, in which Maryan Frutos already introduced him highlighting the mess and non-stop activity that Izal had in that winter of 2013.

«Agujeros De Gusano», helped to see the light through crowdfunding push, arrived in 2013 and reveals itself as a high level album. A compendium of varied themes and that usually coincide in having almost all at least one passage of great intensity and strength and among which Izal march from bright themes to darker ones, passing through somewhat melancholic moments and even daring with a suite. I only see one «but» structurally speaking, which I will comment on in more detail later and which I will let you see when commenting on the first song. Enough as an introduction, let’s move on to the analysis of the album track by track.


This is how weeks ago they released the aforementioned «Agujeros de Gusano», a work that, as always happens with the second deliveries, is presented as the album with which Izal must confirm the great expectations raised; and for which they have opted again for the binomial of creating songs full of intensity and dynamism wrapped in the framework of an impeccable production, continuing with the path of what they showed in their most recent precedent that worked so well and so well for them.

Perhaps the main difference with their predecessor comes marked by the perfectionism that the band shows when elaborating texts full of symbolism that seem to enclose a point of criticism with this world in flames and in which is hidden in general lines a vital optimism that invites to look ahead, to fight but at the same time to outline a frank smile with the sight put in the future.

With «Agujeros de Gusano», Izal manage to take a firm and decisive step forward that will surely help them to establish a career that, as demonstrated by their great convening power, is called to give much to talk about, even more than what they have already given.


Agujeros de gusano is the second album by IZAL, a band with star that was the revelation of the Plaza del Trigo of Sonorama Ribera 2013, that launching pad for the new promises of the national Indie.

Agujeros de gusano begins in a curious way with a Despedida, precisely to their previous work, and continues with delicate, guitar, fun and energetic Affairs.  The third cut of the album has been left for Hambre, the first single they released on September 23rd and which was so well received by their fans.

The most curious proposal of this new album is undoubtedly the trilogy they have left for the end. La duda razonable, La caída del imperio and Resurrección y venganza, a curious staging of a story with its beginning, knot and denouement that lasts a total of 9 and a half minutes.


Undoubtedly one of Izal’s strong points is their way of playing with the dynamics of each song and with the whole of them within the album, which in turn implies playing with our emotions. In such a way that the immediate response to ‘Despedida’ is ‘Asuntos delicados’, the other side of the coin.

‘Wormholes’ is their big step. The teenager who becomes an adult. With songs full of nuances in the instrumental and in the interpretation. It is an album that «you believe» from beginning to end. And that honesty is addictive.