El chirnguito de jugones

El chirnguito de jugones


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Thus, Pedrerol reached an agreement with Atresmedia on December 20, 2013 to start broadcasting the program on January 6, 2014. In addition, it was confirmed that the program would be broadcast through Nitro[1] and that it would be called El chiringuito de Jugones, thus boosting the brand of La Sexta’s sports program called Jugones, becoming the most watched program in the late night slot on DTT channels, as well as the leading program on Nitro, having increased the channel’s share of the screen to double since its premiere.[2]

After the end of the World Cup and in view of the 2014-2015 television season, El chiringuito de Jugones changed channel again, recovering its original name. Thus, Neox broadcasted the program between August 18, 2014 and July 9, 2015.[4] The program has starred in episodes close to the same time.

The program has starred in episodes close to reality show, where the following have been seen: resignations of live talk show hosts;[16] physical aggressions;[17] death threats;[18][19] live set abandonments[20] due to anger; live reality television broadcasts;[21] personal macho attacks;[22][23] confrontations between talk show hosts[24] or anxiety attacks broadcast live.[25][26]

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Pedrerol, who renewed his contract with Atresmedia last July, said that «‘El Chiringuito’ is going to be a more interactive program than ever. The viewers are going to be much more protagonists». He concludes, more motivated and excited than ever, that «we are leaders in DTT every night and that motivates us to continue working with more enthusiasm than ever. Nobody can beat us in terms of enthusiasm».

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After an incident occurred due to a friction between the TV network and the producer of the program, Josep himself, he was fired, hiring Carlos García Hirschfeld (the nice presenter of ImpactoTV) to cover the leave. But at the end of the day, people did not like this kind of changes, deciding that Carlos Garcia was not up to the task of such a brainy program, and the audience began to plummet, leading to the definitive termination of the program. But Josep was already preparing in the shadows an answer to the old and outdated Punto Pelota.

With the help of the Atresmedia group he managed to return to television to build again the same shit but with a different name, this time, the program was baptized as El Chiringuito de Jugones, since in the afternoons on La Sexta, he presents Jugones, which is something like the sports news in the afternoon, but with a little more chili and stellar overacting.

Once we got to Nitro channel, the one that was only on to watch reruns of Walker, Texas Ranger and some other crap, it turns out that it begins to make some exorbitant audience levels, which well defines the unemployment situation in the country, taking into account the early hours of the morning that was broadcast, and that is still broadcasting. And later, with the closure of this channel, it arrived at La Sexta, where it currently resides.

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Normally there are 7 guests invited to each program, but this one was attended by about 30, who sat without taking into account the team they defend, forming a circle of several rows, in what looked like it was going to be a macro sports debate.

And as expected, in spite of having more order than in other occasions, the program had moments in which it was totally out of control, but always with the distinctive touch that this program has of mixing debate and opinion with humor and good vibes.

Finally, and after discussing the most important issues of the day in the soccer field, and later in sports, a compilation of the best moments of the program was played, highlighting above all the funniest situations that have occurred.

We could not say goodbye to this program without thanking all the people who make this program possible, and especially those who follow it day by day, because as Fermín Canas said at the end of the program: «El Chiringuito is all of us, and without them we would be nothing».