Cánovas rodrigo adolfo y guzmán sólo pienso en ti

Cánovas rodrigo adolfo y guzmán sólo pienso en ti


Solo pienso en ti. canovas, rodrigo,adolfo y guzman

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Sólo pienso en ti – . canovas, rodrigo, adolfo and guzman.

In fact, this theme at the time could clearly be interpreted as a criticism of censorship. More specifically, to the Falange. However, the authors have always insisted that it was something else: a counter-criticism of the music critics, who had enormous power at that time. And interest. With enormous interest in profiting economically, without looking too much at the artistic quality of what they had in their hands. As we know: journalism was catalogued as the fourth power, although, as in all professions, within it, there is a bit of everything. Good professionals, bad ones…

In the musical culture, a supergroup is understood as the union of components of different formations to create another group in a conjunctural way (or not), and, in principle, with a greater commitment to quality. This was the case. So Rodrigo García (who had been part of Solera -listen to them, for God’s sake- and Los Pekeniques), joined forces with Juan Robles Cánovas (drummer in Franklin and Los Módulos), Adolfo Rodríguez (singer of Los Íberos) and José María Guzmán (bass player).

I only think of you

Having played in bands such as the very interesting Solera (Rodrigo García and José María Guzmán), Franklin (Juan Cánovas) and Íberos (Adolfo Rodríguez), CRAG showed all their talent with committed lyrics still under Franco’s censorship.

Carrusel opens the album with a catchy pop melody driven by the keyboard and winds arranged by the efficient producer Rafael Trabuchelli. Solo voice of Juan Cánovas, author with Rodrigo, and Guzmán’s trademark high-pitched backing vocals.

And when it comes to cutting the suit to powerful characters surrounded by balls, Supremo director stands out, a preview of Guzmán’s more rocking progression, always with a poppy hook in another delightful vocal arrangement.

El Vividor represents the group’s more country vein with Cánovas’s tough vocals, bluesy harmonica and a lively rhythm to describe a skirt-chasing bourgeois who is spoiled by all sorts of vices.

The passing of Alan Henderson, bassist of the original Them line-up, is a sad excuse, but an excuse nonetheless, to once again profess our unconditional admiration for this…

Canovas rodrigo adolfo y guzman- sólo pienso en tí

The album contains songs of great relevance, such as the title track, and others of great beauty and originality such as Solo pienso en ti, Maria y Amaranta, El vividor or Buscando una solución.

CRAG’s appearances in the media were as scarce as historical and, although it may seem unbelievable, they never played live as a quartet. From then on came the intermittences. But on the thirtieth anniversary of the release of this album, it was finally possible for Cánovas, Rodrigo, Adolfo and Guzmán to perform together for the first time.