Canciones de vetusta morla

Canciones de vetusta morla


How nice

The first members of Vetusta Morla were Pucho (Juan Pedro Martín, vocals), David García «el Indio» (drums), Jorge González (percussion), Alejandro Notario (bass) and Guillermo Galván (guitar). Later, at the end of 1998, Juan Manuel Latorre joins the group as guitar and keyboards, Alejandro Notario leaves the group, finally completing the sextet with Álvaro B. Baglietto.

At the end of 2013 the band communicated through social networks that they were preparing what would be their third LP, La deriva. To present it, they released on February 23, 2014 the first single, «Golpe maestro». A month later, on March 25, the second single chosen was the song that gives its name to the album, La deriva. On April 8, 2014 this new album was released, being presented by the band with a live concert in the studios of Radio 3, RNE. The first video clip of the album was also presented, corresponding to the song «La deriva».

The members of Vetusta Morla also collaborate in different musical projects: David García el Indio is part of SpeakLOW, Quartetoscopio, among others, and collaborates in many projects, including Jairo Zavala’s Depedro. He has played with flamenco artists, Amparanoia, and Muchachito Bombo Infierno. Jorge is a member of a fusion band called CaLoCanDo, and Juanma of a funk/hip-hop band called Funkin Donuts.

The forbidden hugs

The six members of the group came on stage (all at the same time, no one is more important than anyone else) and, Guille Galván at the piano, followed by Juanma Latorre, with that special effect of the electric guitar, introduced Los Días Raros. A slow and soft beginning that was broken up when the theme began to rise, without finishing it, with Lo Que Te Hace Grande. A drastic and surprising change in a waste of power that woke up all of Cadiz, to give no respite or rest in the nearly two hours of live, where a song joined the next without pauses in between, to take advantage of every second. Maybe what makes you great / is to have you in front of us again.


Opinion of shit, by Los Punsetes. «I’ve always found them to be a very interesting band. Irreverent and provocative, they have a lot of catchy hits. They are thought-provoking and entertaining at the same time. I choose, obviously, Opinion de mierda. Let everyone think what they want!»

El salto del gitano, by Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba. «I love the encounter between rock and flamenco. I feel like I have a tentacle in each world and I really like these Sevillians. A genre that had not brought a project like this for a long time. Los Motoretas are aiming high, let’s see where they go with their Kinkidelia».

Sunflower, by Vampire Weekend. «My most fun concert of 2019 was the one given by the New Yorkers at La Riviera in Madrid a few months ago. They made us all dance for more than two hours, they transmitted good vibes and also that sensitivity they have with their excellent songs.»

La noche eterna, by Él mató a un policía motorizado. «This Argentine band is one of ours, slowly working their proposal and their career, playing non-stop all over Latin America. I especially like their album La síntesis O’konor and the song La noche eterna. But pay attention, because they have just released a new album and are already on tour.»


The album that was released on May 22 reimagines the works that make up Mismo Sitio, Distinto Lugar, in a freer and more organic way, becoming a very special album for the band, which recalls a surprise event in which they decided to experiment with them and sing in a circle in front of an imaginary bonfire.

And well (the album) was to come out two weeks later and, like everyone else, I cut the plans short, I don’t know if it makes much sense to lament, or to celebrate that we are alive and think about how we are going to recover it.

It is an album that requires complicity on our part and on the part of the listener because there are different layers to interpret the songs that were already known. I think the idea was not to compare one (song) with another, but to be able to see and make people see that throughout the songwriting process there are many decisions that make you see things in one way or another, but that it is not always for the sake of being better.

At certain moments in life we make decisions that make us go down certain paths, both personally and aesthetically, discovering layers and songs as well. It is an original album in that sense and people are living it as such, we are getting that message through the networks.