Canciones de amaia romero

Canciones de amaia romero


alizzz, amaia – el encuentro (official music video)

The 2020 film gala was not the first time that Amaia got on that stage, she already did it in 2019, but individually. Marisol’s biggest fans appreciated the delicate way she sang the song.

During her stay in the ‘OT’ academy, she left us authentic moments. Or rather, ‘amaiadas’. But his solo moments at the piano were the ones that really made us stay static in front of the screen. This ‘cover’ of C. Tangana’s song was applauded even by the artist himself. Can you imagine a collaboration of both of them for their next albums?

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shake it out – amaia | ot 2017 | gala 9

On December 14, her collaboration with artist Alfred García was released, a Jazz song in Catalan titled «Et vull veure». This track was part of the singer-songwriter’s first album called ‘1016’.[32] That same day, Amaia announced through her social networks that on the 18th of that same month, a short track called «Un nuevo lugar» would be released as an introduction to her new album. [33]

On May 1, 2020, the documentary Una Vuelta Al Sol directed by Marc Pujolar was released on Amazon Prime Video. The documentary shows the creation process of her album ‘Pero No Pasa Nada’ as well as some of her concerts.[44] It also features covers of songs by other artists performed by Amaia such as «Empezar de Cero» by Yung Beef and La Zowi or «Sonrisa Inabarcable» by Los Hermanos Cubero.[45] The documentary received a nomination for the Latin Grammy Awards in the category «Best Music Video Long Version».[46]

On August 7, Amaia released two songs that were not unreleased, since she had been singing them since her first solo concert, but had not yet recorded them in studio. These songs are «Cosas interesantes para decir» and «La victoria» (both recorded live in the studio with her band). Both are written and produced by herself although in «La victoria», Santiago Motorizado (producer of Amaia’s first album) joined the composition. From the first concert, fans knew these two songs as «Me gusta bailar» and «Javier».

the albums and the songs, with amaia romero

M Clan’s song, released in 2004, sounds totally different. Neither worse nor better. Simply different. Amaia made it her own, rescuing the song and turning it back into a hit. In fact, if you search in Youtube Miedo, the first two results are Amaia’s versions. Until the third result we don’t see M Clan.

Of course, this is not the first time that a version beats the original -even if only in terms of numbers-. Whether by circumstance, repercussion or marketing, some covers of songs have become more famous than the real thing.

Lily Allen admitted that she was forced to record a cover of Somewhere Only We Know. She did it for a famous British department store Christmas ad in 2013. Who would have thought it would end up becoming one of the most listened to songs of her career?

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