Cancion cifuentes no me voy

Cancion cifuentes no me voy


«i’m not leaving, i’m staying» cristina cifuentes _ remix by ki

But our composer did not stay only with the most outstanding ‘temazos’ of the Popular Party, he went further, daring with Vox and his «we are moral and ethical, we are not violent», «We are people of peace with talent, let them find out once and for all», hums Francisco Serrano following the rhythm of this hit.

And further away from the right, the PSOE also had a ‘temazo’ with which Dolores Delgado defended her innocence regarding the audios with former Commissioner Villarejo: «The recordings are cut and pasted. They are attacks that have nothing to do with politics. This outrages me,» the minister crooned.

The song of cristina cifuentes (president of madrid)

The former president of the Community of Madrid Cristina Cifuentes (Madrid, 1964) will sit in the dock this Monday for an alleged crime of forgery in official document, specifically as an inducer.

While the investigation into the alleged forgery was advancing and the opposition was demanding accountability from Cifuentes with the warning of a motion of censure by PSOE and Podemos, the digital Okdiario published a video in which Cifuentes was seen stealing two facial creams in a supermarket in the neighborhood of Vallecas (Madrid) in 2011, when she was vice president of the regional Assembly.

Cifuentes blames her fall on the «price» for not keeping quiet about irregularities in her party. Nor has she been silenced by the scandal that puts her in the dock this Monday. After her resignation she was away from the spotlight for some time, but she reappeared in style, signing on as a talk show host for the Mediaset network. During the coronavirus pandemic she has participated in the prime time programs of Telecinco and Cuatro, such as ‘Sálvame Deluxe’, where she was interviewed by Jorge Javier Vázquez. There, wearing a black velvet suit, she launched phrases such as: «There are many people who have told me why I come to this program»; «Just by seeing me here there are many people who are hyperventilating» or «They didn’t want to kick me out of politics (they wanted to), they were looking for personal destruction».

I’m not leaving, i’m staying, i’m going to stay. cifuentes’ song

The master’s case cost Cifuentes her position in the Government of Madrid, from which she finally resigned on April 25, 2018 after accumulating indications that she would not only have falsified the TFM but also several subjects of the master’s degree.

The examining magistrate, Carmen Rodríguez Medel, did not finally consider the falsification of the minutes of validation of the subjects to be accredited, but sent Cifuentes to trial for the alleged falsification of the TFM.

However, the defense of the former president of the CAM, exercised by José Antonio Choclán, has given a coup just at the beginning of the trial held before Section 15 of the Audiencia de Madrid: it has provided a pendrive with the Outlook calendar that includes the official agenda of Cristina Cifuentes in July 2012, along with an expert report which states that the annotations reflected in that electronic document were made at the historical moment that they indicate.

In the agenda appears the annotation «Master URJC» on July 2, 2012, which is the date on which Cifuentes claims to have defended the TFM. The agenda reserves three hours for this activity, between 15:45 and 18:45.

De aqui no me voy (bambuco) by luis fernando montoya

3. ☁️Musical journey: to remember and create a list of songs that I associate with my childhood, with my adolescence, and with important moments and people in my life and make a playlist. Basically, it is about experiencing a sort of journey through one’s own life.

That is to say, the space of the consultation consists of a therapist who generates a link, a relationship of care with a person who goes with the need to generate a change or transformation, of modification of something, and the music therapist who facilitates and supports in that process.