Bruno mars el hormiguero

Bruno mars el hormiguero


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Pablo Casado became the third candidate for the presidency of the Government to visit Antena 3’s El Hormiguero. The leader of the Partido Popular showed his more familiar side talking about his children and the great promise he will have to fulfill if he manages to win the elections. During the interview with Pablo Motos, he showed his skill playing the bass guitar live.

The white lie did not end there and the guest of the night on El Hormiguero acknowledged that he also made them an ‘electoral promise’. «I told them that if I win the contest I will give them a dog», therefore, if he becomes President of the Government, after the elections of April 28 he will have to fulfill them.

Uptown funk in the style of hormiguero mx

Antena 3’s most popular talk show is characterized by having special guests every day, including actors, comedians, singers, athletes, television personalities and even politicians. In addition, each season contains a different section with topics to be discussed. This time the presenter has debuted his own section: Pasarse de la raya, in which he invites viewers to «reflect».

He started in Cuatro with the production company Getsmusic, going from a weekly program of 120 minutes divided in two parts to a daily program of approximately 55 minutes. From that moment on, production was taken over by 7yAcción, a production company created by the presenter himself together with Jorge Salvador.

In May 2011, the fifth season of the program debuted with actors Will Smith and Jackie Chan as guests. However, Mediaset did not reach an agreement with the production company and the network announced the departure of El Hormiguero from Cuatro’s schedule.

El Hormiguero has not stopped reaping important events in its program. On November 3, 2015, it reached, up to that moment, the best share in its history (21.7%) with the visit of Pablo Iglesias.

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In a matter of seconds, the president of the Popular Party hung up his bass, tried the sound of the guitar (a classic three-pickup Fender) and began to play the famous song by Bruno Mars. A performance that served as a final point for the interview, which ended with Pablo Motos wishing the candidate luck for the elections on April 26th.

With this interview, the Antena 3 program ends the series of interviews to the main candidates to the presidency of the government. All this after both Santiago Abascal and Pedro Sánchez have denied the offer to go to the program directed by Pablo Motos.

Robot dog dancing to bruno mars song

The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, surprised this Tuesday the viewers of the Antena 3 program ‘El hormiguero’ by animating himself with the bass to interpret some notes of ‘Uptown Funk’, by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Casado was animated with the instrument at one point in the space, in which he reviewed personal and political issues, such as the upcoming elections. «I hope I do better than playing the bass,» joked the PP leader when talking about the elections.

Subjected to the questions of Pablo Motos and ‘Trancas y Barrancas’, the ‘popular’ leader, confessed that he told his children that the reason why he appears so much on television is because he is «in a contest». «When they see me at a rally they tell me why I shout so much. It is so that they understand why I am at home less, but that they understand that if I win the contest I will buy them a dog,» he assured.

Before being questioned about the independence process, pensions or abortion, Casado has given Motos a box of cherry tomatoes recently brought from a cooperative in Almeria and wanted to remember the celebration of World Autism Day.