Bejo hipi hapa vacilanduki

Bejo hipi hapa vacilanduki


Bejo – hipi hapa vacilanduki

A punto de cumplir los cuarenta años, Killer Mike (un rapero negro de Atlanta con estrechos vínculos con OutKast) y El-P (un b-boy blanco de Brooklyn y partidario del rap experimental) formaron Run The Jewels, un supergrupo de rap que podría haber sido fácilmente un añadido más a la larga lista de fracasos del hiphop. Pero, por el contrario, ahora son una institución, un grupo que deleita al público y despierta conciencias. Su nuevo álbum RTJ4 es el más político y demoledor. Hagamos un repaso de la historia de Killer Mike y El-P.

Tras su gran éxito con un álbum triple, ¡repite con uno doble! Kamasi Washington encanta e intriga mucho más allá de la esfera del jazz. Trabajando con Kendrick Lamar y Snoop Dogg, y sobre todo como jefe del colectivo West Coast Get Down, el carismático saxofonista de Los Ángeles aporta una increíble ola de entusiasmo a la escena del jazz contemporáneo.

Bejo – hipi hapa vacilanduki (full album)

12 tracks filled with everything in general, but nothing in particular. The album «Hipi Hapa Vacilanduki» appears without collaboration on the microphone, but with numerous contributions in the instrumentals. So there are beats from Ellegas, Choclock, Horror.Vacui, Sume Beats, Nico Miseria, Big Yahya, KJS Beats, Big J, Andy Tziouras and Dustfingaz.

It is one of those works that are not eaten, but savored play after play. You can enjoy listening or listening to it, its fresh beats invite you to move your body while its suggestive rhymes immerse you in a surreal atmosphere of good weather.

Recorded in the closet of the artist’s house, Hipi Hapa tells the everyday stories of a young son of his time, who shows that without professional means it is possible to achieve quality work and make it sound worldwide through the Internet.

Bejo – 8=d

Carrying a basket of goodies, Bejito walked to the stage among us, dazzling us with his extravagant attire and his now iconic «granny» glasses. The installation of the visuals by Pablo Rosero was almost mesmerizing. It was impossible not to look directly at the stage and almost impossible not to follow the rhythm of Dj Pimp’s beats.

Bejito made us dance, scream, and even go «all the way down». From the first minute to the end of the show, this singular artist broke the floor with his dominant and refined lyrics, his captivating energy and his hipi hapapa vacilanduki.

[monographic] in vibrations #10: bejo – hipi hapa vacilanduki

Cooking Soul: «Hipi Hapa Vacilanduki’s Bejo is back (:». So says the most outstanding comment on Youtube of the videoclip Cambiar el Mundo, one of the advance singles of the expected collaboration between Bejo and Cooking Soul: Tripi Hapa (2021). And the prestigious Valencian producer could not be more right, after the compilation of songs plus rap of 2016 and 2017 that was the album Hipi Hapa Vacilanduki, Bejo released two projects: Parafernalio (2018) and Chachichacho (2020), both more experimental and eclectic, with Latin rhythms, reggetoneros amagos, traps loaded with autotune and a lot of desire to have a good time.

Another aspect that makes the project a special album is the refreshing Canary Islands-Barcelona connection, with the presence of two Spanish rap legends like Mucho Muchacho and Juan Solo. Yo si soy mucho, pero no el muchacho, already rapped Bejo in the song Mucho that catapulted him to fame back in 2016. And now they finally reconnect the two MCs over an exquisite and incisive boom bap from Cooking Soul in the song GuaGuaGuaGua, recalling the legendary collaboration Cooking Bananas and sarcastically renaming it Cooking Gofio. On Fifty Michelin Stars, the percussion is muted and over a delicious buble soul Juan Solo floats with his relaxed and witty rhymes: I know it’s fucked up for a pensioner to come along and win you the game / steal your lambo and crash it into a pine tree.