Amaia romero teatro real

Amaia romero teatro real


Amaia romero – «losing you» | teatro real

It only took a few minutes for the ticket sales website for the concert that Amaia Romero would offer at the Teatro Real to collapse due to the amount of traffic received. The tickets were sold out in a few hours and the full house had marked the expectation to see the winner of ‘Operación Triunfo’ on stage with The Free Fall band after the success achieved in his first performance at the Primavera Sound.

To the songs of Nancy Sinatra, Arcade Fire, Zahara or Mercedes Sosa that she has chosen to cover have also joined the covers that she wanted to do of ‘Tuyo’, the main theme of the soundtrack of ‘Narcos’ and even ‘Felices los 4’ by Maluma.

Even the look chosen for the occasion has left the bar high. Perfect for the summer season in which we are immersed, the singer has worn a green sleeveless midi-length dress with crochet details in the central area that has combined with nude strappy sandals with low and thick heels to gain in comfort.

Amaia romero – «tuyo» – royal theater

A concert at 12.30 pm is not a usual time. In fact, it was something that surprised us a lot when the tickets for this concert went on sale. Now, after having experienced it, we want more concerts at noon!

Amaia performing today at the Teatro Real with the new version of ‘Felices los 4’ ❤ #AmaiaTeatroReal A post shared by Amaia Romero | me sigue ♡ (@amaiavideos) on Jul 28, 2018 at 5:03 PDT

Amaia, queen of indie rhythms and the most terribly forgotten folklore, has surprised with a musical genre to which she has not accustomed us. Without warning, she has ripped off with the Latin rhythms of Maluma and his song ‘Felices los cuatro’.

Amaia at the Teatro Real! #concierOT #amaiateatroreal #Amaia #aitanawar #aiteda #aitana #phone #nilahor #warmi #ragoney #estavez @amaia_ot2017 A post shared by OT CLUB DE FANS (@ot_fans16) on Jul 28, 2018 at 5:14 PDT

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Amaia romero – «zorongo gitano» | teatro real

Amaia Romero collapses the website of the Teatro Real de Madrid when it is known that the triumphant singer will give, there, her first concert.Amaia Romero causes, with her first concert, the collapse of the website of the Teatro Real de Madrid. / instagram.CORAZÓN .

July 28 will take place the first solo concert of Amaia Romero. This caused thousands of fans to enter the website of the Teatro Real de Madrid to go to the appointment and enjoy the voice that has made the triumphant winner.

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Amaia, at the royal theater | corazón

Send news by emailYour name *Your email *Your email *Although Amaia Romero is still immersed in the tour of ‘Operación Triunfo’, she also takes the opportunity to give concerts on her own. This happened at the ‘Primavera Sound’ festival where a month ago she played with the band ‘The free fall band’, covering some of her favorite songs. Now, Universal has launched a new surprise: the singer will give a concert with the same band at the Teatro Real in Madrid.