Youtube el armario de silvia

Youtube el armario de silvia


I farewell. (don’t miss the end of the video)

How many times have we looked for a garment in the closet and it has been impossible to find it the first time? This is the main reason why Silvia recommends us to order our wardrobes. «We go on different websites, mostly American, and thanks to these blogs and what we see in people’s needs, it helps us to create our own organization systems.»

Getting dressed is something we do every day, so it is necessary to have a space to store our clothes. As the protagonist tells us, «each person is different», so when it comes to organizing a space as personal as a closet, «you have to base it on their system and way of organizing».

In the closets we accumulate a lot of clothes, some of them are used from time to time and others we didn’t even know they were there. That’s why, as the protagonist tells us in her project, «when something goes in, something has to come out». Silvia has her own method for planning a closet: «you have to analyze what’s inside and, once you decide what you’re going to keep, decide which accessories are going to help you get organized».

Silvia’s closet

There is nothing we like more than a good closet. Having clothes that we can combine in a thousand different ways can save us from many «I don’t know what to wear». But having the right clothes is not enough, you also have to know how to combine them. Do you need some inspiration?

We have prepared a compilation of 7 must-have looks from influencer Silvia Bosch (@silviaboschmunoz). With an elegant and simple style, these looks are perfect as closet essentials and you can start wearing them NOW. Neutral tones, versatile pieces and lots of style, take note!

Eternal love for the color mauve!  The mauve cardigan is, without a doubt, the jewel of this look. With some white pants and a white t-shirt underneath, you already have the perfect outfit to look cute without too many complications. It is the perfect closet background for this spring. The accessories also play a very important role in elevating the look.

Essential basics. This is a look to wear to the office or to go for a walk if you want to be a little more dressed up. You can change the sweater for a thinner garment like a T-shirt or a basic white shirt.

I dismiss

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Decorating my living room (last changes)

Nothing says professionalism like a masculine black suit. If you are looking for one to go well dressed to the office, opt for a loose-fitting one with an oversize blazer. If you want to give it a more casual look, combine it with a black T-shirt and sneakers.

Having a biker jacket is essential for the mid-season and it is also perfect for creating all kinds of outfits. To go out for a drink with friends, we love this option with a black mesh t-shirt and wide leg pants. In this case, the clutch bag and platform boots are key to elevate the outfit to a more formal level.

Okay, it may not be a strictly black look, but opting for ‘total black’ clothing is a great way to combine colorful accessories that you don’t quite know how to fit into your closet. If you have one of these Bottega Veneta-inspired braided bags, the type of outfit that best combines is a long jacket and leather pants.