José bowie vilar llasera

José bowie vilar llasera


Tania llasera introduces us to pepe bowie, her son

Last Tuesday Tania Llasera, has been mother of her first son whom she named José Bowie Vilar Llasera, in tribute to the late British singer David Bowie. The first name was already thought «I love the name Pepe,» said the Mediaset presenter, but she decided to take a second name, Bowie, after learning of the death of the singer, whom she deeply admired.

Curious, no doubt. Not so much to name your baby after the idol you admire, as there are many such cases, but to combine it with «José», a simple name, one of the names of a lifetime. «Pepe Bowie», how do you see it?

David Bowie was the artistic name of the British singer, not his real name, which was David Robert Jones. The meaning of Bowie, of Gallic origin, is «he who has yellow hair» so probably that’s where the artist got it from.

José bowie vilar llasera 2021

Tania Llasera is already a mother and she couldn’t be happier after seeing the face of her son Pepe. The presenter commented some time ago what was the name she had chosen for her baby, but surprised everyone with his middle name, a tribute to the recently deceased David Bowie.

The happy mom gave the news on Instagram and commented: «Only he can make me forget the world. I present to you finally José Bowie Vilar Llasera (aka ‘the desired’) who was born on Tuesday 12th at noon after a long labor that ended in cesarean section,» she explained posting a photo of her next to the sleeping baby.

Finally Tania Llasera has been able to see the face of her baby, who had to wait because she was due on December 31. It was in early June when she gave the happy news of her pregnancy in her blog and explained that she had been trying for some time. Congratulations!

José bowie vilar llasera 2022

Welcome to the Lucia Vilar Llasera – at home will be Lucy Lennox, who was born yesterday 5th, at 10am, weighs 3 kilos exactly and eats like a lioness. Her mommy is doing well and feels very lucky. She sends you all a kiss (she’s very similar to Pepe but thinner and morenita by the way) #LucyLennox #feelingblessed #variationsdelamismagenetica #LuciaLennox #magiamaxima #amorpuroA post shared by ⚡️Tania Llasera⚡️ (@taniallasera) on Sep 6, 2017 at 4am(s): 27 PDTLlasera recalls with this household name British singer Annie Lennox, who is also known for her role as a political and social activist. «I’m not interested in just being someone who entertains. That’s not for me. I don’t tell other people what to do, but I want to reach out to people, touch them and inspire them without lecturing anyone,» she said in 2010.

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José bowie vilar llasera online

Tania Llasera already has her first child in her arms. The presenter gave birth yesterday at noon after a long labor that finally ended with a cesarean section.    Tania Llasera has shared with her followers on social networks a tender image of her of her newborn son, whom she has named José Bowie.

«Only he can make me forget the world. I present you finally José Bowie Vilar Llasera (aka «the desired») who was born on Tuesday 12 at noon after a long labor that ended in caesarean section» says the presenter in her Instagram account.