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Every day you can find better arguments to prove that there are no limits when it comes to making arrangements for an original and unique wedding. Even the most unthinkable scenarios can be transformed into the perfect space to celebrate your union.


Vero & David are a couple that is fine tuned with nature. His empathy with the environment and his desire to tie knots surrounded by a unique Boho Chic style, which dates back to a rustic and wild enclosure, came true thanks to the good taste of the wedding planner Julia Llodra, of La Magrana Events.


At first glance, a sawmill would not be considered by many people as the place for their wedding reception, but Julia Llodra, along with the professionals of Showroom Home and Pack & Things, made the trick.

Noble materials for a long lasting love

Having the Boho Chic style as an excuse, along with the uniqueness of Vero & David, the trend of this wedding was conceived in a warmth environment where nature imposes its norms.


As if it were an autumn ode, the nobility of wood in multiple textures and shades, accompanied by a wonderful selection of furniture and a clean interior decoration, trasports us to a timeless space. As if Vero & David swore eternal love in a remote and dreamy time.


Showroom Home and Pack & Things have done a thorough study of the space. The features of the environment, the wood in multiple presentations and spaces, as well as the scenographic contribution of these professionals, make us feel that we are attending to a beautiful wedding that is celebrated in a rural and picturesque village, almost taken from a fairy tale.


Juli the Florist, has managed to perfectly complement the initiatives of those responsible for the interior design and furniture. His beautiful floral arrangements, which multiply throughout the space, emphasize the autumnal style of this unforgettable wedding, which is almost certain to inspire many.


María Garland, meanwhile, was in charge of the stationery. Recognized for her good taste and for the attention she puts on  every small detail, made a contribution worthy to be noticed in an original concept, like this one.


The great festivities also revolve around good food. Belles Tentations put its touch with a wonderful bridal cake, while Doctor Jamón, specialists in the elaboration of the most delicious thematic tables, accentuated the flavor with its fine cuts and its careful selection of ingredients.

A touch of light to increase the beauty

How to subtract industrial air to this space and turn it into a warm, cozy and unforgettable place? That’s a challenge that must be left to Sunloud Events specialists.


Not only they had the features of the decoration and furniture accentuated by providing unique lighting, they also provided a theatrical touch to the scene, so that the wedding report is incredible.


Rockandweddings image experts knew how to capitalize every corner of this space to get wonderful images that witness the love that Vero & David profess, however, the results would not be impeccable if it were not for the right touch of light that has been arranged to This space.


If you doubt that every detail counts on the day of your wedding, it is enough to add the contribution of each talent involved in this celebration to ratify the importance of choosing the indicated professionals.

The ideal outfit for the perfect occasion

If every feature of the celebration has been carefully designed, why not the appearance of the bride and groom? Vero & David placed the responsibility of dressing them for the big day in the hands of Cayetana Ferrer and Novo Zenter.


Both outfits are match the style of  this Wood My Love wedding. Vero’s suit speaks for itself, with its beautiful mix of textures and a subtle transparency that brings lightness and charm to its appearance.


David, meanwhile, looks comfortable and consistent with the occasion thanks to the successful selection that the connoisseurs of Novo Zenter have made for him. With their good taste and experience they have contributed to the small details that add beauty to this unforgettable wedding.


Vero’s makeup, as well as his hairstyle, were in hands  of Raúl Martínez. The commitment to introduce this wonderful bride in the Wood My Love environment that was conceived for this union, was settled with the beauty of her hair and her face in a natural and wild state.


Feli Davó Joyeros  put all his best effort in making a wonderful headdress. Vero shines with a wonderful jewel on her loose hair, which reminds us of the protagonists of the pre-Raphaelist scenes, she also has with style matching accessories.


The celebration of your wedding is signed by your love, but it is also a sum of talents who know how to put together the right touches to every feature of your  W day for history. Choosing the best is to add qualities, qualified points of view and professionalism to make sure everything goes perfectly in such an unique event.


Follow the steps of the professionals very closely. Work with a wedding planner who knows exactly in whose hands to put the responsibility of your event and add to the big day that unique touch of romance and complicity that you also profess to each other as a couple. The rest will happen just like magic.

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