Kefir mercadona como tomarlo

Kefir mercadona como tomarlo


Milbona kefir

Thus, kefir would fall under the denomination of fermented milk because it includes other healthy bacteria and some yeasts with benefits for our intestinal flora and microbiota. The fermentation process used to make it is also different. While in yogurt an acid-lactic fermentation takes place, in the case of kefir a lactic-alcoholic fermentation occurs, with bacteria that are also used in the production of beer, as Beatriz Robles, food technologist and dietitian-nutritionist, explains in a video of the University Isabel I in which the characteristics of this probiotic are addressed.

Some studies suggest that kefir may have a greater probiotic power than yogurt because it includes up to 61 different microorganisms between strains and yeasts, but it is not entirely clear. Other studies also suggest that it may have antibacterial properties, among other health benefits. However, as with other dairy products, kefir is a healthy product that we can incorporate into our diet as long as it does not displace fruit.

Kefir properties

Kefir is a food similar to a probiotic yogurt, which can be prepared at home or bought ready-made. Since putting on the cooking cap can be a bit heavy and there is not always time or desire to do it, Kefir Hacendado solves this problem. Mercadona offers us in this case a healthy, quality and cheap product.

Kefir is a food very similar to yogurt, although if it stands out for anything, it is for being a food that contains natural probiotics. Probiotics, essential to maintain our intestinal flora in good health, are allies when it comes to regulating intestinal transit, help us lose weight and protect us from digestive diseases.

Mercadona’s Kefir Natural Sabor Suave is one of the best kefir we can find in the market, as it has no preservatives or unhealthy additives. When we look at the label of the Mercadona Kefir jar we find these ingredients:

Regarding the nutritional information of Mercadona Sabor Suave Kefir, as we have indicated before it is a product of high nutritional value. Its levels of protein, calcium, vitamins and calories make it perfect for inclusion in fitness diets for weight loss.

How to drink kefir

From a nutritional point of view, this product that we can find in Mercadona, stands out for having a large amount of proteins of high biological value, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, B vitamins and probiotics.

The price of kefir in Mercadona is 1.50 euros for a 500-gram container, a price that is not bad considering all that it provides us with that amount. Many people decide to «raise» their own kefir but, for the price it has in the supermarket, it is not worth it.

Lidl kefir

If you are a person who likes to eat healthy foods that are good for your body, you have probably already considered including kefir in your diet. You probably already know all the benefits of this product on your body, and you have already included it in your shopping list.

In order to enjoy all the benefits of kefir you should choose a product that is of good quality and that is also very delicious so that you can enjoy it, this is especially true if you have never tried kefir because it has a different taste for you.

You have probably already heard about Mercadona’s kefir, as it has recently become a trending food, mainly among people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but do not want to complicate themselves with strenuous preparations.

Ever since Mercadona’s kefir hit the shelves it has been a favorite of many people. Would you like to know what makes it so special? It is its properties and the incredible benefits it brings to our organism for a very affordable price and ease of purchase.