Centros de estetica en badalona

Centros de estetica en badalona


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RK Hair Room & Store is a beauty salon located in the center of Badalona, in Barcelona. They specialize in technical hair services such as hair treatments, contrasting colors, impossible bleaching and unisex keratin straightening. Their trick? A team of professionals with a long history in the industry, who will perfectly translate all their knowledge and experience into a totally personalized service. Don’t settle for anything less! Book now at RK Hair Room & Store.

Secret Natural is a wellness and beauty salon located in the Barcelona town of Badalona, near the metro stop Gorg. In this center you will find everything you need to take care of your body: body and facial treatments, waxing, manicures and pedicures, massages… Enjoy all the services that Secret Natural offers by booking your appointment in just one click.

Do you have a special event and would like to look like a movie star? Or maybe your big day is coming up? Don’t worry! At Eunoia they are experts in facial and body treatments, so they will advise you and help you to enhance your beauty like never before. They are located in Badalona.

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Gonzalo Casanova comenzó a trabajar desde muy joven en LLONGUERAS, donde estuvo 12 años como Director Técnico de uno de los salones de la firma. Durante esos años viajó por todo el mundo dirigiendo las Galas LLONGUERAS, realizando demostraciones y formando a varios equipos de estilistas de la empresa, junto a Luis y Enrique Llongueras. Posteriormente, pasó a ser Director del Grupo Creador de LLONGUERAS.

Animado por el éxito alcanzado por su método de formación en tan sólo un año, Casanova decide abrir nuevos centros en nuevas ciudades: en 1984 se inaugura uno en Calahorra (La Rioja), mientras que en 1985 se abre uno en Cartagena (Murcia) y una segunda escuela en Badalona. Poco después, CASANOVA&CASABEL se convierte en empresa colaboradora de la Dirección General de Trabajo de la Generalitat de Cataluña, abriendo una nueva escuela en La Seu dUrgell (Lleida) y una tercera en Badalona, que incorpora la formación en estética. Actualmente, CASANOVA&CASABEL cuenta con tres centros, ubicados en Badalona y Santa Coloma.

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The hair industry, some say, has an unparalleled record of creativity and innovation. And for this season, top stylists have repurposed all kinds of styles for those eager to rediscover some timeless classics.

Two moments that perhaps marked the era in the annals of hairdressing would have to be the advent of the short, cropped elfin style worn by actress Jean Seberg in the 1950s. She was catapulted to fame when she beat out 18,000 other hopefuls in a competition to win the lead role of Joan of Arc in the Hollywood tragedy, St. Joan.

She was directed by Ukrainian director Otto Preminger, known for such cinematic epics as Exodus and Forever Amber at 20th Century Fox. The cropped style and adrogynous look were created especially for the fresh-faced actress in 1957, and she instantly propelled herself to the top of the style stakes.