Aceite facial mercadona opiniones

Aceite facial mercadona opiniones


Results of using mercadona lycopene oil on the skin

Today it is impossible to review the best-selling cosmetic products without taking into account those of Deliplus, the Mercadona brand that triumphs, above all, for its more than affordable prices.

Remember that toner is not exactly a cleanser, although it is used to finish off facial cleansing, leaving the skin «requetelimpia» and in perfect condition for treatment and moisturizing products (serums and creams, which should not be missing in your day to day).

The toner also restores the skin’s acid balance, necessary to ensure a healthy and functional skin barrier, restoring a physiological pH; it moisturizes while removing traces of oil without drying; it strengthens the skin and restores its smoothness and freshness.

Petroleum products (hydrocarbons) are not biocompatible and are very occlusive, i.e. they «clog» the pores and create a film on the skin that negatively affects the interaction of the dermis with the environment, which we normally refer to as «skin respiration».

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After receiving several requests about Mercadona’s serums, I decided to try them so I could make an exhaustive analysis about their quality, ingredients, strengths, drawbacks and other very interesting information that I’m sure will help you to dispel doubts.

You may wonder what age has to do with it, but it is very easy to understand: having a younger complexion, my sister has had enough with the moisturizing serum, since she does not need more comprehensive treatments.

In addition to this, the hyaluronic acid present in its composition together with ceramides helps greatly to restore vitality to the most dehydrated skins, especially those that have been subjected to peelings, aggressive external elements or hormonal changes.

After several months of applying this product (here I explain how to do it), she has not been displeased. She has noticed a very soft and hydrated skin, even after facial peeling treatments.

I’ll be honest, this product does not work miracles, that is to say, the wrinkles that bother me so much have not disappeared, not even by a long shot. However, my face has improved in terms of hydration and nutrition.

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Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant. Among its benefits is the ability to soften skin blemishes caused by the sun or age. This chemical compound is used to care for sensitive skin and combat the effects of aging on the face.

This new Mercadona facial oil is marketed under the brand name Deliplus, and the manufacturer is Mercadona’s totaler supplier Lycolé (Cosmética Natural de Licopeno S.L.). The facilities where the product is produced are located in Badajoz.

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Called ‘Anti Ox’, this lycopene oil is made with tomatoes from Extremadura. The tomato is one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, in fact, it is known as the «red gold» for the regenerating and soothing effect it has on the skin. «In addition to helping to soften sun or age spots, it cares for the most sensitive skins and fights aging,» Mercadona says.

The oil is priced at 5 euros and since it went on sale, a few weeks ago, some 5,000 units have been sold daily, as the company assures. To obtain one kilo of lycopene to produce this miracle product, about 20,000 kilos of tomatoes are needed. This antioxidant compound, also present in other fruits such as watermelon, is extracted from the seeds and skin. «We are committed to a sustainable formulation where 100% natural materials of the highest quality coexist, since the lycopene is obtained in a completely natural area, free of contamination», they communicate.